Greg "Big Daddy" Brail

I am the glue to this motley crew of musicians.    I've played professionally for many years, and can honestly say this is the most FUN I have ever had!!!   I like long walks on the beach, and long fingernails doing whatever it is they do on a man's body....

Stacey " Great Shoes " Giamalis

Singer and keyboardist, has done a lot of group singing so loves creating harmonies.  Has performed with bands in several bars including the Boom Boom Room; has also performed long form classical ensemble works in Davies Symphony Hall.  Enjoys riffing on keyboard.  Thing she loves best about playing with a band is that you have to focus simultaneously both on putting out good sound and listening to what other band members are putting out and make constant adjustments, great headspace to be in.  Early musical influences '70s rock and sweet soul.  

Saw the movie Deliverance when she was 7 years old which warped her mind permanently.  Swallows her gum.  Strenuously denies the rumors.

Heather "Tiny Dancer" Meeker

Name: Heather

Alias: “Scuff”

Instrument: Drum kit and vocals

Favorite Artists: Elvis Costello, Café Tacuba, A.R. Rahman, Crowded House

Hobbies: Striking inanimate objects, world domination, sword balancing

Background:  Long ago and far away, Heather decided to play drums because girls didn’t do that.  She still hasn’t gotten over it.

John “Where is My Mind” Rethans

Guitars, Vocals

As a toddler, my older brothers woke me up from naps van Van Halen, Styx and Pink Floyd. My sisters drove me to the beach listening to Chicago and Knight Ranger.  My first hand-me-down cassette tape was Men at Work.

In the Meatless Mondays, I play through pedals and solo in mostly in the penatonic scale... as loud as the rest of the band will let me :-)  

Tom "The King" Weeks

Stacey just gave me this nickname and I have no idea what it means....  I do most of the vocals and play rhythm and a small bit of lead guitar on 6 and 12 string acoustic and my new fav a Fender Telecaster.  Been playing guitar and singing since I was 6 years old and later took up a variety of wind instruments.   While I love all styles of music my early inspiration was Country Rock and taught myself entire Pure Prairie League and Ozark Mountain Daredevil albums.   Helps explain a number of Tom Petty selections in our repertoire!