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We are a collection of professional and semi-professional musicians who have come together to have FUN playing music for ourselves and others.   It all started many years ago with a rag-tag group who worked at a small start-up software company hacking a variety of songs on the beach in Santa Cruz...   Our style is always shifting, but the underlying theme is to channel the energy and enthusiasm for music and each other into everything we do on-stage.  

What Inspires Us

Despite sharing many of the same interests and pastimes, we all are inspired by different things and different musical tastes.   It forces all of us to listen and to appreciate each others passions, and we take great joy in executing on a song on behalf of one of our "mates".

Our Influences

Our music blends great vocal harmonies across rock, acoustic melodies, and punk.   What we love is a great song - with a particular affinity for things that sound good played at loud in a dimly lit bar - Tom Petty, Oasis, The Knack, Pixies etc. If it's made up of three chords and the truth - hell, even four chords and an alternative fact - we're game.

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